International Activities

Vesivärityylinen kollaasi Hyrian tarjoamista palveluista

International Activities

The international activities of Hyria Education focus on the mutual exchange of students, faculty and staff in cooperation with foreign educational institutions and networks. Hyria participates in different types of mobility and development projects in order to enhance the mobility opportunities and education.

All benefit from these international mobility opportunities that Hyria Education offers. We warmly welcome exchange students, faculty members and staff for the same reasons. For us, networking internationally is a natural way of working and developing our skills.

Work placement abroad

Second and third-year Hyria students have the possibility to go abroad for 4 to 52 weeks for either their work placement period or for studying. Hyria cooperates with many partner schools and networks, mainly in Europe. This cooperation allows our students various alternatives for their studying and work placements. Reciprocally, Hyria receives foreign students to do their work placement with companies in our region.

Faculty/Staff Development and Mobility

Hyria's faculty and staff have the opportunity to take part in many international activities through development and mobility projects or programs that are arranged by the EU's Erasmus+ -programme.

The mobility opportunities include:

  • 3 to 5-day study visits abroad
  • VET conferences abroad
  • International network meetings and seminars
  • Job shadowing opportunities with a foreign colleague
  • Temporary work assignments with a foreign company
  • Preparatory visits to set up a program with another school.'

International projects

Hyria coordinates many international mobility and development projects. In addition to these, Hyria participates in other projects that are administrated by partner schools or networks.

Internationalisation at home

Hyria offers international-related studies and opportunities in order to ensure the development of international skills and knowledge of those students who are unable to participate in periods abroad.