Hyria Foundation

Hyria foundation provides versatile employability services and regional outreach-youth work. One of the main goals of Hyrias services is to offer individual and high quality support for maintaining ability to work. The purpose of Hyria foundation is to take care of prevention of social exclusion for adults and young people. Hyria foundation works in different environments such as activity centers, cafes and recycling centers providing many possibilities for people in different situations. The service period includes different tasks, individual counselling and training towards working life.

Internationality and multiculturalism are part of Hyria foundations fundamental activities. Hyria foundation is a supporting and sending organization for European Solidarity corps’ volunteers. We have been the host organization since 2014 and has hosted 16 volunteers. We have hosted volunteers since 2014 and sent volunteers to projects since 2019. We want to enable voluntary projects to people with fewer opportunities. Hyria foundation is committed and motivated to host volunteers in all our units and it is possible for us to host several volunteers at the same time.

We are open for new European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ projects. If you are interested in co-operating with us, please don´t hesitate to contact us!