About Hyvinkää-Riihimäki

Vesivärityylinen kollaasi Hyrian tarjoamista palveluista

Hyvinkää - Riihimäki region

Hyria Education operates in the rapidly growing Hyvinkää - Riihimäki region which has nearly 90 000 residents, 34 000 jobs, and 5000 companies. The close proximity to the Helsinki metropolitan area allows the region to develop and create opportunities for its residents.

The central location of the Hyvinkää - Riihimäki region makes it a wonderful place to base your studies. The excellent train service and connections give visitors and residents many opportunities to move easily around Finland and neighboring countries.

Area and activities

The Hyvinkää - Riihimäki region is situated in the Salpausselkä Ridge area. This location in Southern Finland boasts an extensive ridge system left by the ice age. Beautiful natural scenery is in abundance year-round. Just outside our region there are many possibilities to enjoy nature. For example, the Nuuksio National Park which is home to dozens of endangered or near threatened species of animals, plants and fungi is just under 2 hours away.

Map of Finland
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While in the Hyvinkää - Riihimäki region, you’ll find many ways to enjoy yourself. You could go to a concert or to the motor sports center or to one of the swimming pools or golf courses. The ski and snowboarding slopes are very popular. You could bike one of the cycling paths or mountain biking routes. Or walk one of the many nature trails or go kayaking or fishing or to one of the bird watching spots. Or you could take in an exhibit by one of our local artists. The possibilities are endless. However you choose to spend your time, you’ll have many opportunities to have a fun and interesting experience.