About Hyria Education

Vesivärityylinen kollaasi Hyrian tarjoamista palveluista

About Hyria Education

Hyria Education is a multidisciplinary educational institution offering vocational education and training to both young and adult students in the Hyvinkää and Riihimäki region. The range of services includes basic vocational qualifications (IVET), further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications in 27 different educational sectors. Hyria also provides various training alternatives to our corporate and community customers.

The number of students is annually around 10 000, of which approximately 2300 are young students (IVET) and adult learners around 7700 (studying either basic, further or specialist vocational qualifications or attending non-qualification short-term studying). The number of personnel is approximately 430.

The international activities of Hyria Education focus on the mutual exchange of students, faculty and staff in cooperation with foreign educational institutions and networks. Hyria participates in different types of Erasmus+ mobility and development projects in order to enhance mobility opportunities and education. Hyria has awarded the Erasmus+ accreditation in 2015.

The structure of studies (IVET)

The scope of basic vocational qualification is 180 competence points (cp.), of which 135 cp. are vocational units, 35 cp. common units and 10 cp. free-choice studies. The nominal duration of basic vocational qualification (IVET) studies is three years, but the duration of studies depends on prior learning and working experience. Students’ individual needs and existing competencies are taken into account, as the focus of learning is to acquire skills and competencies that students are lacking.

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Basic Vocational Qualifications (IVET)

Hyria offers basic vocational qualifications in the following sectors:

Agriculture  Arts and Design
Building Maintenance Technology Business
Cleaning and Property Services Construction
Electrical Engineering and Automation Technology Forestry
Hairdressing and Beauty Care Horticulture
Information and Communication Technology Logistics
Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology Media and Visual Expression
Natural and Environmental Protection Restaurant and Catering Services
Safety and Security Social and Health Care
Surface Treatment Technology Tourism Industry
Vehicle Sector  

Finnish Education System

Education is a basic right in Finland and the age of compulsory schooling is 18 years. Education is free at all levels from pre-primary to higher education, and even in secondary education young students do not need to provide their own textbooks, tools or equipment. The Finnish students are consistently highly ranked in student assessments around the world.

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