About Hyria

Hyria Education is a multidisciplinary educational institution offering vocational education and training. The six main campuses are located in the Hyvinkää and Riihimäki region.

Hyria provides high quality educational services for both young and adult students. The range of services includes basic vocational qualifications, further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications in 27 different educational sectors. Hyria also provides various training alternatives to our corporate and community customers.

Key figures

Turnover: 37 MEUR

Personnel: 430

Number of Students: annually 9,300, young 2,350, adults 3,220, short term trainees 4,000

  • 2221 young students (26 basic vocational qualifications)
  • 1596 adult learners (26 basic vocational qualifications)
  • 1025 adults studying further vocational qualifications (26 further vocational qualifications)
  • 417 adults studying specialist vocational qualifications (12 specialist vocational qualifications)
  • 4000 short term studying (non-qualification) e.g. immigrant training, independent training, apprenticeship training, labor-market training, personnel training purchased by companies


Hyria Education was established in August 2009 by merging seven vocational education institutions and adult education centers:

  • Hyvinkää Vocational Institute, founded 1953
  • Hyvinkää Business College, founded 1961
  • Hyvinkää School of Art, founded 2000
  • Health Care Institute of Hyvinkää, founded 1975
  • Hyvinkää-Riihimäki Vocational Adult Education Centre, founded 1971
  • Riihimäki Vocational Institute, founded 1956
  • Uusimaa College for Rural Development, founded 1928

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