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Worklife and MBO Rijnland (NL) visit Hyria in April (Social and Health Care)

In addition to the EMEU project activities (study modules, virtual activities), which we are creating together with European partners, also meetings-in-between are highly appreciated to increase the communication regarding the project activities as well as to bring the industry more involved into the cooperation.

Already in the planning phase all partners were supposed to involve at least two organisations from industry to plan, and to implement the project activities together with the college teachers and staff.

On April 9-10 Hyria received visitors from Gouda, the Netherlands. 5 participants came from MBO Rijnland, with which Hyria has been cooperating for at least 15 years. 4 participants came from organisations that are working together in EMEU activities with MBO Rijnland; 2 from day care center Quadrant Kindercentra, and two from social organisation called Gemiva-SVG Groep. It was the first time that MBO Rijnland took representatives of working life to study visit with them. This is enabled by the support of Europen Union Erasmus+ -programme.

The participants were:

Gerrie Lamme, Staff Member and Project Coordinator, Gemiva-SVG Groep
Wim Suikers, Staff Member, Gemiva-SVG
Elise Faay, Senior Child Care Worker, Quadrant Kindercentra
Elliette van den Brink, Senior Pedagogical Care Worker, Quadrant Kindercentra
Kathleen van Dalen, Teacher, MBO Rijnland
Annette van Krimpen, Director of MBO Rijnland Social Care College
Bea Schuls, Teacher, MBO Rijnland
Mariet Wiltink, Team Leader of MBO Rijnland Health Care Department, Project Leader
Guus Wismans, Teacher and International Coordinator, MBO Rijnland 


On first day we heard a general presentation of the Finnish education system and the presentation of health care department by Campus International Coordinator Liisa Nuutinen and International Relations Coordinator Tanja Korteharju. After that Laura Heikkilä, Coordinator of International Affairs of Hyria Foundation, presented the activities of the foundation. The most interesting activity for the audience was outreach youth work. That means that the employees of the foundation are searching for socially excluded young people and help them to find assistance and support in order to get back to normal life again. This was something that does not exists in the Netherlands. We suggested the people from Gemiva-SVG Groep would come and do the job shadowing period in that activity in Finland.


On the afternoon we travelled to Riihimäki, to Hyria’s well-being center Hyrinä. Teacher and Campus International Coordinator of Beauty Care Anna Skytten and her students were presenting their qualification and the learning environment Hyrinä for the guests.

The programme of the visit was quite tight, and therefore the industry visits were divided into two groups to meet the participants’ learning objectives. Group one Elise Faay, Elliette van den Brink, Kathleen van Dalen and Annette van Krimpen visited English speaking daycare center Kids’ Valley, http://kidsvalley.fi/, which has a group of children from 3-5 years and pre-school group. Sanna Puustinen introduced the activities of the day care and current issues of the early childhood education in Finland.

Second visit was done to Aseman koulu, which is a comprehensive English speaking school with grades 1-6 http://www.hyvinkaa.fi/kasvatus-ja-koulutus/perusopetus/the-english-classes-of-hyvinkaa/. Teacher Marcus Velthausz, his colleagues and pupils welcomed us warmly, and discussed with us about the pros and cons of the English language school. A new national curriculum was also a topic of discussion.

After that, in a hurry, we travelled to municipality owned Piikinmäki Daycare Center in Riihimäki. Our hosts were telling us the operations of the day care, which is open 24/7.

The other group Guus Wismans, Gerrie Lamme, Wim Suikers, Mariet van der Scheur, Bea Schuls visited Vates Foundation in Helsinki. Development Manager Jukka Lindberg and Development Coordinator Anne Korhonen gave the visitors an update of recent issues of the Finnish Social and Health Care sector.

He other visit took place in Niinikoski, where they met Manager Anne Kärkelä at Tapola’s Village Community. The village community was established in 1974, and it creates a society for people with special needs. The visit was a great success and Village community and Hyria agreed for cooperation activities at the same time.

We really had a great interaction with the group members, and it happens quite seldom that the college and work representatives can interact, reflect and discuss for so long time together. In other words, the study visits are great source for education development.

Further Information:

Tanja Korteharju, International Relations Coordinator
tanja.korteharju@hyria.fi, +358 50574 8544

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