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Upcoming Events

Info Session
Postitalo, Mannerheiminaukio 1A, 10th floor, Helsinki
Friday, 25.11.
College Placement test
Hyria’s Campus in Malmi, Turkhaudantie 5, 4th floor, Malmi
Wednesday, 30.11.
Info Session
Postitalo, Mannerheiminaukio 1A, 10th floor, Helsinki
Friday, 16.12.

Information Sessions:

Join our Information Sessions to learn more about our American Education programs! If you are planning to apply in one of our American Bachelor’s level Business programs, it is a good idea to come to an Info Session to find out about the program details. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about the programs and we willingly share our experiences in studying in the United States at the events.

The Info Sessions are held in Postitalo, which is located right in the center of Helsinki. When arriving at Postitalo, come in to the staircase A and take the elevator to the 10th floor. The info is held in Vihreä neuvotteluhuone (Green negotiation room).

College Placement Tests:

Students who apply in the American Education Program II will have to take a College Placement test as a step of approval in the program and pass it with satisfactory test results. However, we recommend and offer the test for all of our student applicants even if they are applying in the American Program I as this will give them an opportunity to change within the two programs during their studies. The test consists of three parts: Reading comprehension, writing, and math. You can find a few sample questions of the test on our American Program II website. We recommend practicing the three areas before the test!

More information:
Tuulia Viskari, vastuukouluttaja (BS in Marketing and Accounting, MS in Public Administration, U.S.A.)
Email: tuulia.viskari(at)hyria.fi

Anne Bondarew, Sales Manager (MA)
Phone: +358 50 5246 096
Email: anne.bondarew(at)hyria.fi

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