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Hyria Education and Broward College launch mutual cooperation

We offer a route to university-level American education

In the fall, Hyria Education will start to offer U.S. Broward College’s educational programs. As a community college, Broward College would place somewhere between upper secondary and higher education in the Finnish educational system. In the United States, this program forms a part of a bachelor’s degree; in Finland, any transfer of credits is up to the universities to decide.

“An agreement on the provision of Broward College’s educational programs at Hyria was signed in October 2009,” explains Anne Bondaréw, Project Manager, who is in charge of the program launching at Hyria.

Broward College’s David Moore, Ph.D. (Head, Intercultural Education Department) and Dianne Ruggiero, the Finland program coordinator (Associate Professor of ESL and Reading, Faculty Coordinator, BC-HYRIA Finland) will visit Hyria in Hyvinkää from March 26 to 31, 2010. The visit is a part of educational planning and monitoring undertaken within the framework of the affiliation agreement.

Broward College was founded 50 years ago and operates at nine separate locations in Florida. The college enrolls 60,000 full-time and part-time students each year.

Programs offered at Broward College:

  • Associate degrees

  • Bachelor degrees

  • Certificate programs

The educational program is suitable for many students who wish to pursue international studies

The International Education Center of Hyria was established for Hyria’s international educational activities. The American Education Center of Hyria is responsible for American education at the international education center.

Its education and training is based on the 2+2 model. The first two years consist of studies undertaken at Hyria. The student can then transfer to a university in Florida to pursue studies for the two remaining years and complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

  • The program is focused on Business Administration.

  • The target groups include

    • Regular high school or IB graduates with sufficient knowledge of English

    • Persons with post-secondary diplomas who want to pursue studies following an American educational program and obtain a bachelor’s level degree in the United States

    • Residents of Finland or foreigners moving to Finland from abroad

  • English is used as the sole language of instruction and its administration

  • In order to enroll in the program the student must pass three tests: English Comprehension, Mathematics and Reading

  • The program is implemented as multiform learning, which is ideally suited to persons who want to work while studying

  • Additional information on the application process will be given on Hyria’s website in April. Anne Bondaréw can also be contacted for more information.

President Ari Orelma explains that Hyria has founded an international center that aims at strengthening Hyria’s position as a regional globalizer, educator and partner. The goal is to make Hyria an educational institution that forms a recognized international learning and development network to serve its operating area and promote innovation.

view the education brochure here

Additional information available from

Hyria Education Ltd.

Anne Bondaréw, Project Manager
Tel. +358 50 524 6096

Ari Orelma, President
Tel. +358 400 290 890



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