Borrow the exhibition!

The exhibition Meanwhile Elsewhere has a lot to give both to adults and youths age thirteen and up. This intriguing combination of compact stories and large images challenges visitors to weigh their own values and the everyday choices that affect the state of the environment in the Baltic Sea basin. Can we really have a sustainable way of living?

The exhibition provides content for different events, such as

  • school environmental days
  • school excursions
  • local residents’ celebrations
  • employee recreation days
  • library theme weeks.

Please note

  • The exhibition requires about 40 square metres of empty space.
  • It can be ordered or picked up by van.
  • The party booking the exhibition is liable for transportation costs; booking in itself is free of charge.
  • Booking party is responsible for supervising exhibition and maintaining it in good condition (e.g. drying out wet tent before packing).

Exhibition details (pdf) (1 MB)



Hyria Education Ltd, Hyvinkää
(English and Finnish versions)

Maija Venäläinen,

tel. +358 40 827 0986

Helsinki Environment Centre, Harakka Nature Centre
(Finnish version)
tel. 09-310 31535, 09-310 31559

Pop-up screens

(only in Finnish)
The city of Espoo / Environment Centre
Nature House Villa Elfvik
puh. 09-8165 4400

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre,
Environmental School Polku
puh. 09-310 88713

Technical details

Hexagonal tentteltta
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Available in both English and Finnish.
  • Height 3,70 metres, diameter 6 metres.
  • Spotlights (led).
  • Transportation in wheeled carrier bags heaviest 60 kg (bag has wheels).
  • Setting up exhibition requires 3-4 hours and 3-4 people.

Exhibition on pop-up screens popup

  • Suitable for indoor spaces.
  • Available only in Finnish.
  • Height 2,20 metres.
  • 8 screens combined to form whole.
  • Spotlights (led).
  • Transportation in 8 pcs wheeled carrier bags (heaviest 20 kg).
  • Total weight 105 kilograms.
  • Setting up exhibition requires 3-4 hours and 2-4 people.
  • Can be set up differently, according to the shape of the room.

    How to assemble the pop-up version (instructions in Finnish) (pdf) (1.2 MB) 



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