Welcome to our Baltic

The Baltic Sea with its region is dear to us. It is our home.


Our Baltic website was born in purpose to combine the latest knowledge with effective communication and education methods. This website provides knowledge and ideas to understand and raise awareness of our common environment


Our Baltic is a joint effort of scientist, educators and environmental experts towards more sustainable future in the Baltic region.

Discover our Baltic

Explore the fascinating history of the Baltic Sea with Alvar the Geologist. Let our specialist Veljo take you to a guided tour to Estonian coast. Discover the wildlife in and by the Sea with Maija and other environmental experts.


Discover our Baltic introduces samples of the past, present and future of the Baltic Sea Region.

Annelie, Mats and Robert know how to make learning fun and holistic experience. Orientate yourself into outdoor pedagogics and experiential learning through Environmental Education Programs.


Meanwhile elsewhere – Encounters in a Baltic City

Step into a city living in the wake of the Oil Age! You can immerse yourself in the Dealer’s blues, have an adventure on a toxic time trip, or work through the challenges of getting a mortgage with Kalle and Laura.

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