The Water Theme

What: Information and exercises

For who: Teachers and students at schools, nature schools etc.

Target group: 6-15 years

Where: Outdoors and Indoors

Languages: English, Swedish and Estonian

Made by: Nynäshamn nature school

The Water Theme

Learning towards sustainable development

Water and its use will play a considerably more central role in the future education due to climate change. The aim of this program is to inspire through experiences, discoveries and an understanding of the importance of water. Above all, the programme emphasises the importance of activities, resulting in an education consisting of real hands-on exercises.


How to Use This Folder in Education

This programme is about Water. This theme is suitable both for exploring water in the local environment and becoming aware of global water issues. A current issue for the schools in the Baltic area is: How can we reduce our impact on the Baltic Sea?

This programme emphasises how pupils should carry out actions around the water issue. The pupils will do this by experiencing, discovering, and attaining knowledge through their own questions about water. By attaining knowledge the pupils will be able to make their own estimations and their own sensible choices as responsible citizens in a global future. The underlying idea for all the activities/exercises is that the children/pupils are taking part in the process.

The Water Theme - Learning towards sustainable development (pdf) (1.3 MB)

Grön flagg - vatten (pdf) (1.4 MB)

Vesi. Säästva arengu teemaline õppematerjal. (pdf) (7.3 MB)

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