Environmentally friendly behaviour: sustainable development and consumption

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For who: University staff and students, secondary school teachers and students, NGOs, municipal activists, anyone interested

Target group: Adults

Languages: Available in Latvian and English

Made by: University of Latvia

Environmentally friendly behaviour:
sustainable development and consumption

(Training Module 3, part 6)

The material on sustainable development and consumption is part of the Training Module 3 on environmental communication. This is an educational material focusing on national sustainable development and consumption-generated environmental loads, driving forces and governance instruments.

The notion of „sustainable development” (SD) traditionally means the definition formulated in the 1987 report by the Bruntland Commission Our Common Future, which states that „sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

One of the key problems of sustainable development is the current unsustainable consumption habits, which threaten the ability of future generations to meet their needs, deplete resources and theaten the ability of ecosystems to perform their functions. Consumption habits in the food, transport and household sectors are responsible for 60-80% of all consumption-generated loads. These consumption habits and their environmental loads depend on complex processes in the social economic and technical systems determining our needs, abilities and possibilities of implementing sustainable consumption.

Latvian slides:

3.6 Chapter 1, part 1 (ppt) (2.4 MB)

3.6 Chapter 1, part 2 (ppt) (2.4 MB)

3.6 Chapter 2 (ppt) (496.5 KB)

3.6 Chapter 3 (ppt) (1.4 MB)

3.6 Chapter 4 (ppt) (763 KB)

3.6 Chapter 5 (ppt) (267.5 KB)

3.6 Chapter 6 (ppt) (1.3 MB)

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