Salmon spawn game

What: An educational board game for ages 10 and up

For who: 2-6 players

Target group: Ages 10 and up

Where: Indoors (& Outdoors)

Languages: Available in Latvian, English, and Finnish

Made by: Natural History Museum of Latvia

Salmon spawn game

Salmon live and feed in the sea, but for spawning swim back to the rivers. Young fish live in rivers for the first years of their life, until they grow up and swim to the sea. Until the first half of the 20th century the Daugava River was one of the largest natural salmon spawning rivers in the Baltic Sea Basin. There were spawning sites in rapids. Nowadays the natural salmon population is extinct due to hydropower stations, cascade buildings, water pollution, and the destruction of their habitat in the Daugava River. In Latvia salmon are still spawning in the Salaca, Gauja, Venta, and Irbe rivers and their tributaries.

At the beginning of the game each player receives 10 spawning salmon, which he or she tries to get past the dangers and obstacles in the river, all the way to the spawning site. The player who has reached the spawning rapids with the most surviving salmon is the winner.

The game is based on an idea from Youth Environmental Club "11".

Salmon game board (pdf) (892.5 KB)
Salmon cards A4 (pdf) (2.9 MB)
Salmon cards A3 (pdf) (6.1 MB)
Salmon characters (pdf) (995.9 KB)

Salmon Spawn rules (pdf) (277.7 KB)

Speles noteikumi (pdf) (279.1 KB)
Lohipelin säännöt (pdf) (221.1 KB)

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