Programmes at Tallinn Botanical Gardens

What: Activities and exercises for groups of children

For who: Teachers, camp organisers, leaders of groups of children

Target groups: Kindergarten and 6th-8th grade

Where: Indoors & Outdoors

Languages: Available in Estonian

Made by: Tallinn Environmental Department

Exercises and activities at the Tallinn Botanical Gardens

These programmes are designed for groups visiting the Tallinn Botanical Gardens, but they can be adapted to other places as well.

The programme for kindergarten groups looks at the relationship between the soil and the plants. It takes about 2-3 hours.

Muld taimed lasteaed (pdf) (378.5 KB)

The programmes for school classes enable the participants to explore

  • soil types and relations between soil organisms (6th grade, 4 hours)
  • photosynthesis and plant respiration (7th grade, 4 hours)
  • weather and climate (8th grade, 4 hours)
Muld toolehed (pdf) (3.9 MB)
Fotosyntees hingamine 7kl (pdf) (2.6 MB)
Ilm kliima 8kl (pdf) (910.8 KB)

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