Programmes at Aegna Nature House

What: Activities and exercises for groups of children

For who: Teachers, camp organisers, leaders of groups of children

Target group: kindergarten, schools, adults

Where: Indoors & Outdoors

Languages: Available in Estonian and English

Made by: Tallinn Environmental Department

Games and activities on Aegna island

These programmes are designed for groups visiting the Aegna Nature House in Tallinn, but they can be adapted to other places as well.

Programmes for children give participants the opportunity to
  • experience a fisherman's life and connection with nature
  • explore the biodiversity of the island, in the role of pirate

Kaluriprogramm lasteaed Aegnal (pdf) (403.1 KB)

Lasteaedade piraadiprogramm Aegnal (pdf) (172.3 KB)

Programmes for schools include

  • information and activities concerning the five eagle species of Estonia (4th-6th grade)
  • a roleplaying game about negotiations to build a bridge to Aegna (upper secondary school and adults)

Kotkana Aegnal IIkooliaste (pdf) (608.4 KB)

Rollimang Aegna sild (pdf) (147.7 KB)

Roleplay Tallinn Aegna bridge (pdf) (185.9 KB)

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