Movement of Animals

What: Information and exercises for groups of children

For who: Teachers, children (schools, nature schools, etc)

Target group: 7-13 years

Where: Mainly indoors

Languages: Available in English and Estonian

Made by: Tartu University Natural History Museum

Movement of Animals

"Movement of Animals" is mainly for secondary school students, and is intended as additional learning material for schools and environmental education centres. "Movement of Animals" with the help of many illustrations describes the kind of adaptations animals have for movement in different environments. It consists of 4 chapters:

  • Movement in water
  • Movement on land
  • Movement in air
  • Animal migration. 

There are hands-on exercises at the end of every chapter.


The material was made by the University of Tartu Natural History Museum. Available in English and Estonian.

Movement of animals English (pdf) (4.2 MB)

Liikumine loomariigis (pdf) (7.4 MB)

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