Molluscs Teach Us

What: Games exercises and information about molluscs

For who: Teachers, camp organisers, leaders of groups of children, nature schools

Target group:  8-12 years, families

Where: Indoors & Outdoors

Languages: Available in English and Estonian

Made by: Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Molluscs Role in Nature and Snails and Bivalves Teach

Snails and bivalves are a part of the diversity around us and have many features and characteristics that allow them to be used as a teaching tool for understanding the many different aspects of nature both outdoors and in the classroom. Snails and bivalves are good subjects for observation and experiments, thanks to their many characteristics, e.g.:
  • Molluscs do not bite and are non-toxic.
  • Snails and molluscs live both on land and in water, and can be easily found.
  • They are slow and will not fly or run away.

Snails and Bivalves Teach

The book offers surveys, practical exercises and games that provide an opportunity to gain an understanding of the biodiversity in the world of snails and bivalves. The combination of long and short exercises and activities on various topics are suited to different age groups and time constraints. It is also possible to arrange a longer and more extensive series of observations and experiments (for both individual and group work). The results may then be used in a class science fair.

The first half of the publication discusses observations and experiments, and the second half provides instructions for various games. Material is most useful to teachers, outdoor nature guides and other leaders of groups of children.
Snails and Bivalves teach (pdf) (10.7 MB)
Teod ja karbid opetavad (pdf) (10.6 MB)

Molluscs' Role in Nature

This introductory PowerPoint presentation introduces the diversity of the mollusc species, their age and their relationship to other living organisms as well as their role in nature. Material is intended for students, teachers and anyone interested in nature.
Molluscs Role in Nature (pps) (11.1 MB)
Teod ja karbid meie looduses (pps) (12 MB)

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