Meanwhile Elsewhere

What: A bookable exhibition, online multimedia, a book with stories and excercises

For who: Teachers, youth, adults

Target group: 13+ years, also adults

Where: Indoors and outdoors

Languages: Available in English and Finnish

Made by: Hyria Education, Nature House Villa Elfvik, Harakka Nature Centre, Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre

Meanwhile Elsewhere - Encounters in the Baltic City

Meanwhile Elsewhere is an exhibition with six stories. Through the stories emerges a picture of the city’s holistic development system. With this system, the long term wellbeing of both people and the environment is taken into account in decision making – whether it concerns energy, goods, food, or construction. The holistic development system manages ecosystem services well into the future.

Some citizens have adapted well to the change, while others are clinging to their old ways from the oil era.

Meanwhile Elsewhere is an exhibition that can be borrowed to schools, libraries, outdoor events etc. Its contents are also presented on a special website:

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