Lab exercises to the
theme of the Baltic Sea

What: Practical exercises

For who: Teachers, nature schools camp organisers

Target group: 6th-9th grade

Where: Indoors

Languages: Available in English and Estonian

Made by: Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Lab exercises to the theme of the Baltic Sea

This educational material introduces an interactive study program to study and teach Baltic Sea related topics which has been offered by the instructors of the Tartu Environmental Education Centre to 5th to 12th graders for as long as ten years.

The program is intended first and foremost for 6th to 9th graders as it relates to several subjects and thematic areas of the comprehensive school curriculum, though it can be tackled by younger pupils and is suitable for the secondary school level too. The exercises are divided by topics onto separate desks or learning centres. Each desk holds the necessary materials, a folder for additional materials and a worksheet with the exercises of these particular learning centres.

Praktilisi toid Laanemere teemadel (pdf) (6.3 MB)
Lab exercises to the theme of the Baltic Sea (pdf) (6.4 MB)

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