Keep Municipality Tidy

What: Activities and exercises about litter

For who: Teachers, camp organisers, leaders of groups of children

Target group: kindergarten, schools, adults

Where: Outdoors

Languages: Available in Swedish and English

Made by: Nynäshamn Nature School

Keep Municipality Tidy

The material describes the possibilities for a campaign on litter and waste in a municipality. It is a way to work practically with sustainable development and values within the school, the preschool and in the local community.

Keep the beach tidy contains exercises about garbage you can do while exploring on the beach. Keep the municipality tidy campaign material is originally made for Nynäshamn municipality, it can be adapted to other regions.

Keep the beach tidy (pdf) (83.1 KB)
Keep municipality tidy campaign (pdf) (368.5 KB)
Håll Östersjön ren (campaign and exercises) (pdf) (524.8 KB)

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