Investigate and Discover

What: Activities and exercises for groups of children

For who: Teachers, camp organisers, leaders of groups of children

Target group: 6-8 years

Where: Indoors & Outdoors by the Baltic Sea

Languages: Available in English and Estonian

Made by: Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Investigate and Discover! Sea, Rocks and the Rock cycle

The "Investigate and Discover" supporting materials introduce two active learning programmes meant for pre-school children and pupils in the first and second grades of study, which help introduce the sea, rocks and the rock cycle to them.

Both thematic programmes use the following structure: an overview introducing the activities of the programme, recommendations to the supervisor of the programme, a description of the resources and material used, and some supporting materials in appendices that you can copy to help more easily prepare and conduct the games and tasks of the programme yourself. "Investigate and Discover" was made by Tartu Environmental Education Centre.

Uurime ja Avastame Estonian (pdf) (2.2 MB)

Kivimite ringe (pdf) (7.7 MB)

Investigate and Discover English (pdf) (2.2 MB)

Rock Cycle Diagram (pdf) (6.1 MB)

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