Household Environmental Management

What: Training material on private sustainable consumption

For who: Trainers at municipalities and universities or secondary schools, anyone interested

Target group: Adults

Languages: Available in Latvian and English

Made by: University of Latvia

Household environmental management

(Training Module 1, part 6)


Household environmental management (HEM) is part of Training Module 1 on Integrated Coastal Management and Communication, with the main focus on household environmentally friendly behavior promotion.

Household environmental management is environmental management of a dwelling (private house, apartment) and its surroundings either individually or jointly by the residents of a specific territory, including environmentally friendly

  • action in building environment
  • energy supply and use
  • water supply and use
  • food and other everyday products, goods or services consumption
  • waste management
  • observation of environmental health requirements
  • mobility
  • leisure activities

These have been studied with a systemic approach defining the main action sectors, actors, individual behaviour factors, management tools  for sustainable consumption promotion, and giving several examples on HEM development in Latvia and other countries.


This material will be useful for anyone interested in environmentally friendly behaviour promotion and practice – either personally for own household or to be used directly or adapted for further training of other interested parties.

Household Environmental Management (ppt) (4.7 MB)

Mājsaimniecību vides pārvaldība (ppt) (7.6 MB)

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