Sajūti jūru (Feel the sea)

What: An exhibition about the flora, fauna and people of the Baltic

For who: Schools, museums, exhibition centres etc.

Target group: All ages

Where: Indoors

Languages: Available in Latvian, worksheets in English

Made by: Natural History Museum of Latvia

Sajūti jūru (Feel the sea)

The exhibition was originally made as a temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Latvia from 1.12.2010 to 13.3.2011. The textboards, showcases, and interactive elements can now be borrowed by schools, nature centres or other places that wish to give their visitors an inspiring insight into the Baltic Sea.

From the exhibition you can learn about geology, plants, animals and people living in and by the Baltic Sea.

The interactive elements allow you to for example to
  • make your own sand dune
  • find natural treasures in the sand
  • handle different rocks
  • get a closer look with a microscope
  • listen to the stories of old fishermen
  • learn why some eggs don't roll out of the nest.

To learn about borrowing the exhibition, contact the Natural History Museum of Latvia:


Cut out the pictures and let the pupils find out which picture goes with which description. The pictures can be glued to the worksheets.

Algae pictures (pdf) (910.8 KB)
Algae worksheet (pdf) (71.2 KB)
Shell pictures (pdf) (744.9 KB)
Shells worksheet (pdf) (72 KB)

Feel the Sea
Feel the Sea
Feel the Sea
Feel the Sea
Feel the Sea

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