Environmental Information and Indicators

What: Training material 

For who: Train-the-trainers specialists, secondary school teachers and students, NGOs, ministry, regional and municipal employees, anyone interested

Target group: Adults

Languages: Available in Latvian

Made by: University of Latvia

Environmental Information and Indicators

(Training Module 3, Part 3)

This educational material is part of the Training Module 3 on environmental communication issue and its understanding as the collaboration principle, with the primary focus on environmental information and indicators as a natural component of environmental communication and its role in building environmental awareness.

The material on environmental information and indicators is elaborated at the Environmental Management Department University of Latvia and done by Jānis Kauliņš.

The material explains the concepts of environmental information and describes the key sources of environmental information in Latvia whose data may be used in sustainability measurements: environmental information sources-depositories; information systems and their specifics; information stored outside these systems.

Information is also provided as to how such systems would need to be formed specifically for indicator needs and what requirements they should meet. An overview of the problems with information acquisition in Latvia is also given.

Further on, the key concepts concerning sustainability indicators as communication elements are explained. With the help of theoretical and practical examples, the possible role of these indicators in the environmental communication process as its key components is then revealed:

  • in acquiring and disseminating environmental information to the relevant target groups
  • in environmental education, providing knowledge on sustainability indicators an specific measurements
  • in public participation, both through measurements, results interpretation and discussion and in the decision-making processes
  • in pro-environmental behaviour, which may strengthen through continuous indicator application practice and the informational background.

The material will be useful for everyone interested in sustainability and its measurement at the local governance level and in its utilisation as a communication tool. It may prove useful in building state and local-level information systems so as to achieve their broader usability.

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