Ecological outdoor games

What: Games and ecxercises

For who: Teachers and students at schools, nature schools etc.

Target group: 6-15 years

Where: Outdoors

Languages: English, Swedish and Estonian

Made by: Nynäshamn nature school

Ecological outdoor games

Ecological outdoor games contribute to a deeper understanding of ecological contexts which are the foundation for understanding our environmental problems, which in turn is a condition for creating an ecologically sustainable society. Games about nature become more realistic when played out in nature. The outdoor room, either in the schoolyard or in a nature area further away, offers other, exciting experiences compared to a classroom. Furthermore, the outdoor room never lacks good ventilation, rarely lacks space and the noise level is seldom excessive.


Ecological outdoor games introduces multiple games with a pedagogical focus on nature and environmental knowledge, using the whole body and all the senses. This publication was collected and made by the Nature School of Nynäshamn.


Ecological Outdoor Games (pdf) (1 MB)

Ekologiska utelekar (pdf) (1 MB)

Okoloogilised mangud oues (pdf) (845.6 KB)

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