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Hyria Education Ltd. (Lead Partner)

Hyria Education Ltd. provides vocational training for young people and adults as well as several training options for corporate and institutional clients. Every year thousands of students and hundreds of companies and organizations take advantage of Hyria’s comprehensive supply to develop their own knowledge and expand their activities. Hyria Education works mainly in Hyvinkää and Riihimäki but organizes training courses nationwide and engage in international cooperation with foreign educational institutions and other bodies. Hyria also take part in international projects promoting the networking of students and teachers.

Contact: Maija Venäläinen maija.venalainen(at)




City of Helsinki, Harakka Nature Centre

Harakka Nature Centre,The Nature Centre of Helsinki Environmental Centre, is working in the Harakka island located off the coast of Helsinki. Harakka Nature Centre offers Nature School, adventures for children, guided tours, events, courses, seminars, exhibitions.

“Nature experiences and information on the island where the rich archipelago nature, culture and history meet”

Contact: Kaisa Pajanen kaisa.pajanen(at)




 City of Espoo, Nature House Villa Elfvik

Nature House Villa Elfvik is the environmental education centre of the city of Espoo.  The Nature House serves as a Nature school for schools in Espoo. Classes can come for a whole day and make field studies. It also gives further environmental education by offering training courses for teachers and day care staff. In the permanent exhibition ‘Eläköön Espoo’ (Long live Espoo!), you can explore all features that make nature in Espoo so fascinating. There are also thematic exhibitions, events and tours on different aspects of nature and the environment for the public.

Contact: Riitta Pulkkinen riitta.pulkkinen(at)




Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd., Environmental School Polku

The Environmental School of Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd. promotes sustainable development in everyday life by increasing environmental awareness. We organise teaching and training and produce materials on sustainable consumption and recycling, for children over 4 years and adults, reaching over 27 000 persons in a year. We are an official local promoter of the international EcoSchools program. Over the years we have coordinated and participated in numerous EU funded programs.

Contact: Tuovi Kurttio tuovi.kurttio(at)




nynashamnCity of Nynäshamn, Nynäshamn Nature School

The Nature School of Nynäshamn is one of Sweden´s 90 nature schools, all promoting the use of outdoor learning. Founded in 1988, the Nature School welcomes children/pupils of the ages 4 to 16 from the eco-municipality of Nynäshamn. All school classes visit once a year, which means that 2.500 pupils visit the Nature School annually. The learning experience is based on exploration and problem solving and every grade has its own theme: e.g. bugs, ancient techniques, winter ecology, fire, or the Alhagen Wetland. There are also recommended classroom preparation and follow-up activities for each theme. The Nature School has initiated networks and helps in the work for sustainable development and also participates in a number of projects. Different courses for school and preschool teachers are offered; such as outdoor Maths, English, Swedish and Natural Science. The Nature school also sells courses to external parties to finance some of its activities. To promote outdoor learning the Nature School in Nynäshamn produces textbooks and teaching aids, often in cooperation with other Nature Schools.

Contact: Mats Wejdmark mats.wejdmark(at)




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Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology

Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology is an independent research, development and teaching institution of the university that acts on the fields of Earth Sciences and other associated disciplines in Technology, Natural Sciences and Arts. The aims of the Institute are to advance Earth Sciences, offer competence for the university, governmental institutions and private sector, train students jointly with other departments, and advocate for science and scientific thinking.

Contact: Alvar Soesoo alvar.seosoo(at)

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Tallinn Environment Department

Tallinn Environment Department was founded  in 2005. Currently it has 42 employees. The department has  5  sections: Green area section, Environmental care section, Waste Management Section, Investment and maintenance section, Environmental projects and education section.

The department  manages  also Tallinn’s graveyards  and Tallinn’s botanical garden.

Besides other missions the department contributes to the  environmental awareness,  sustainable development and environmentally-friendly mentality of the consumers, and councel people on making decisions which may affect the environment. At the moment biggest challenge is to develope and implement the Strategy of Tallinn Environment.

Contact: Sirje Aher sirje(at)




tartu natmus

University of Tartu, Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum collects and preserves specimens of plant, fungus and animal kingdom, also minerals, rocks and fossils and develops public online databases. Exhibitions give an overview of animal kingdom and geology. Museum offers indoor and outdoor educational programmes for kindergarten and school children and for adults. Teacher training and life-long learning courses are offered via Open University.

Contact: Veljo Runnel veljo.runnel(at)




Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Tartu Environmental Education Centre (TEEC) develop environmental awareness and promotes sustainable values by life-long training programs, projects and public information. Information centre of TEEC offers different kind of events for public in order to dispread environmental information and increase environmental awareness.

Contact: Mirjam Pikla mirjam.pikla(at)




dabasmuzejam Natural History Museum of Latvia

Natural History Museum of Latvia is the largest centre of non-formal environmental education in Latvia. The total number of visitors is about 80 000 – 100 000 per year. Environmental Interpretation Service Coordination Centre (VITILA), who organizes the training courses in the environmental interpretation in Latvia, is also located in the museum. VITILA organizes the training courses and workshops about the environmental and sustainable development issues, Environmental Day campaigns, publishes information materials about the environmental education, organizes interactive exhibitions and special workshops for the foresters, tourism specialists, NGOs and teachers.

Contact: Maija Malnaca maijam(at)



latvia universityUniversity of Latvia, Department of Environmental Management

Department of Environmental Management has a broad experience in the field of Environmental Management and Sustainable Coastal Development - Environmental Education both at tertiary level (Master studies in Environmental Management) and continuing education as well as awareness raising among local stakeholders. Collaboration research and case study research, facilitation of Local sustainable development activities are commonly applied for the development of environmental policies, plans and action programmes, particularly for coastal municipalities, areas and regions in Latvia. UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Coastal Development since 2002.

Contact: Diana Sulga diana.sulga(at)


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