Communicating the Baltic - COBWEB

Communication between environmental education providers and those having the latest knowledge about environmental research results is not efficient enough. The resources required to facilitate communication are partly missing on both sides, though a link between the various bodies would benefit everyone. The COBWEB project strengthens the connection between the sources and users of environmental knowledge. This project is creating models of national and cross-border cooperation in environmental education between universities, environmental and nature schools and museums in the Central Baltic region. To gain the newest knowledge in the field of environmental education and sustainability, the COBWEB project organises expert forums and workshops. The information is then used for improving the environmental education programmes by transferring the newest knowledge gained in recent nature and environment studies to teachers and education specialists. As part of the project, exhibitions and study materials are also produced, which will be available online as well as in printed form.


Duration: 28 months 05/2009-08/2011

Lead Partner: Hyria Education Ltd, Finland (Hyvinkää)

Other partners: University of Latvia, Latvia (Riga); Natural History Museum of Latvia, Latvia (Riga); Institute of Geology at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia (Tallinn); University of Tartu, Estonia (Tartu); Tartu Environmental Education Centre, Estonia (Tartu); City of Nynäshamn, Nynäshamn Nature School, Sweden (Nynäshamn); City of Helsinki, Harakka Nature Centre, Finland (Helsinki); Helsinki Metropolitan Reuse Centre Ltd., Finland (Helsinki); City of Espoo, The Nature House Villa Elfvik, Finland
(Espoo); Tallinn Environment Department, Estonia (Tallinn)



Communicating the Baltic -COBWEB

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