Exhibition „Feel the sea” by the Natural History Museum of Latvia

  • from 1st of December 2010 to 13th of March 2011 at the Natural History Museum of Latvia

  • 17th of March to 10th of May 2011 at Roja Sea Fishery Museum

  • from 13th of May to 30th of June 2011 at Engure Tourism Information Centre

  • from 1st of July to 1st of October 2011 at Ventspils Museum

Feel the Sea

Showcase Conference 2010

Communicating the Baltic -COBWEB participated the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme's  second annual Showcase Conference. The Conference took place in Riga on September 29 and gathered over 260 people together to look at where the programme is coming from and where it is headed to. COBWEB was invitated to the conference to show the achievements of the project so far. In the conference COBWEB was awarded for showing the best and most innovative environmentally friendly methods to run a project.


26 Bouncing-Float-award-COBWEB
COBWEB was awarded for the best and most innovative environmentally friendly project implementation. Photo: Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013

Communicating the Baltic Expert Forum in Estonia, Tallinn and Tartu, 20. - 24.9.2010

Estonia Expert Forum Program (pdf) (42.6 KB)

Educators for the Baltic Sea Conference in Finland on 8.-10.9.2009

Educators for the Baltic Sea (pdf) (302 KB)

Communicating the Baltic  - Baltic Sea seminar for Educators

Tuesday 8.9.2009 at 12.30-17.00 in Finnish Environment Institute (“Laulujoutsen auditorium”), Helsinki

The seminar will be opened by the Finnish Environment Institute’s Director General Lea Kauppi and chaired by Professor Sakari Kuikka from Helsinki University.

The keynote speakers will in their presentations cover the most  acute political and ecological issues on Baltic Sea conservation and how the conservation measures should be directed. The questions discussed amongst all are the impact of the climate change, eutrofication and the risks the environmental poisoning causes to people’s health.

Seminar program (doc) (665.5 KB)

Markku Viitasalo, SYKE: Climate change and the Baltic Sea (pdf) (3.1 MB)

Heikki Pitkänen, SYKE: Is it possible to improve the state of the Baltic Sea by artificial oxygenation (pdf) (4.3 MB)

Marjukka Porvari, JNF: Private resources and voluntary action in Baltic Sea protection (pdf) (4.2 MB)

Matti Verta, SYKE: Contaminants and the environmental health in the Baltic Sea (pdf) (5.1 MB)

Johanna Ikävalko, MTK: Agriculture and water protection (pdf) (109.6 KB)

Johanna Ikävalko, MTK: TEHO-project (pdf) (815.3 KB)

Anita Mäkinen, WWF: WWF solutions for the Baltic Sea (pdf) (7.2 MB)


Future Workshop - Educational scenarios for the Clean Baltic Sea

Wednesday 9.9.2009 at 10.00-15.00 in Uusimaa Rural College, Hyvinkää

Based on the Tuesdays seminar a Future Workshop will start on Wednesday to work for building educational future scenarios for the Clean Baltic Sea on year 2020. The workshop will be lead by a moderator specialised in methods for future research.

These scenarios will be collected into an exhibition with which the discussion about the clean future of Baltic Sea will continue on Thursday in the Environmental Education laboratory on Harakka Island.


Environmental Education laboratory - The living sea and best educational practises

Thursday 10.9.2009 at 10.00-20.00 Harakka Nature Centre, Helsinki

Demonstrations (pdf) (264.7 KB)

The knowhow and enthusiasm of the Baltic Sea oriented environmental education will land on Harakka Island and conquer its historical buildings and beautiful shores.

The event offers to the educators’ a variety of best educational practises and possibilities for sharing great moments, experiences and discussions about the future scenarios of the Baltic Sea Education. The species of the sea will be studied both via slides and the living samples dived directly from the shores of Harakka.


Conference events are free of cost.  Participants have to cover travel expenses and meals. 

Educators for the Baltic Sea Conference is organised by EU's Central Baltic Programme co-financed Communicating the Baltic -project, Harakka Nature Centre and Nature House Villa  Elfvik in cooperation with Helsinki Metropolitan area Reuse Centre, Biology an Geography  teachers Union, Finnish National Board of Education, WWF, Nature League and Finnish Environment Institute.

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